About Additive Middle East and Africa User Group

  • Who is AdditiveMEA?
    Additive Middle East and Africa User Group runs by experts who are divided by the countries and united with the passion with the love of technology and creating the opportunities for the young generation to have a good future.
  • What is Our Aim?
    Our Aim is rest assured under our Tagline We quote "AdditiveMEA:- Where technology bring the opportunities" We are into the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technology and We hope to give something to the community which would be valueable and useful at the same time.
  • Is AdditiveMEA operated like any other Event Management Company? Who runs it?
    Additive Middle East and Africa User Group is a platform, There is not one single company yet there is an battalion of experts, professionals, 3D key people who have years of experience and now they want to share their expertise with all the community and they want to help and provide a better resource for the future. The organizer is Al-Shaahin Business Research and Events Private Ltd
  • How to Join AdditiveMEA Group?
    Bring people together, or turn your passion into a business. AdditiveMEA gives you everything you need to provide an opportunity to be with us together and learn from the experts, Interested can contact us directly through our contact form or Email us at [email protected], Only selected users will get the response.


About AdditiveMEA 2022

  • When it will be held?
    AdditiveMEA International Conference and Exhibitions on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in Middle East and Africa is going to be held on April 13th - 14th 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • What is Our Motto?
    Bring people together, or turn your passion into a business. Here at AdditiveMEA We quote "Bringing the Business Back"
  • How much price to enter as a Delegate?
    Enjoy the deal and grab as soon as possible by going to our Pricing Section
  • Whom will you meet?
    at the AdditiveMEA 2022, You will meet the experts who are looking for collaborative work, product developers, solution providers, researchers, innovators, scientist, professors, educatiors, engineers, management teams, ceo's, stake holders, investors, healthcare professionals, welcoming them the team of the AdditiveMEA Family.


About 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Excellence Awards

  • How to enter the Awards Section?
    You can easily email us directly at [email protected] with the category you would like to nominate yourself, You can find our more on How to apply for awards and What are the categories just by clicking our next Question. ( AdditiveMEA has solved every single answer for you and rest you can email, There is no charge in enquire anything which is benefitable)
  • Why should YOU ENTER?
    * Enter to Gain Industry-Wide Recognition for your achievements
    * Enter to Position your Brand as a Leader in Customer Centricity

    * Enter to get Benifit from an Extensive Press Campaign both Before and After the Event to Maximize the Exposure

    * Time to Reward your High Performance Team for the Efforts and Increase their Morales
  • Is there Any fee for Nominations?
    Kindly note that AdditiveMEA and it's family have not any influence on Awards, The decision will be given by open Judging Panel Committe and Yes There is no single cost to Nominate Yourself for the Awards yet One's should have to purchase atleast Delegate Seats for the Conference, Awards hold no fee for Nominations but will provide an Interesting Opportunity for everyone. Delegates and Sponsorship opportunities can be finded at our Pricing Section
  • What are the Categoires?
    There are 20+ categories in which one can apply, The rest can be finded at Our Awards Section, We request you to visit there also to know more about Categories


About Additive MEA Ambassador Program

  • What's AdditiveMEA Ambassadors responsible for?
    Additive Middle East Africa and APAC is a powerful community which works on business opportunites, innovations and investments to 3D Printing and AM, who are gathering globally through in-person and virtual events and looking for new ideas and innovations. bringing together the global AM community with us. We are interested in the power of meeting and networking, in-person or virtually, and being an ambassador means being a facilitator for these meetings and showcase your ideas, innovations to the world.
  • Who can ENTER?
    "Materials Required= Passion, Love, Leadership, Have a feeling to do something unique, Philanthropist Personality and Deep Knowledge of technology combined with vision"
  • How to Join / Enter?
    Join Us! We always are open and welcome to all of you in joining with us as a family, being a helping hand in providing the best for all, being a service provider to those who need. We are pleased and honored to have you all Kindly visit Ambassador website

We are honored to have you all at AdditiveMEA 2022. Please note that We have tried to update your every query, If you like to make any Question You can comment below, Our team will solve it as soon as possible plus We have updated a 24 Hrs Live Chat Section on Our Every Page ( Have query ask straight away no matter what the time, All is just by typing "Hello" Our team will be there for you always.)

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